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Temporary recruitment

Temporary Recruitment services offer a dynamic solution to swiftly address your staffing needs with precision and efficiency.

Benefits of Temporary Recruitment:

  1. Flexibility: Adapt to fluctuating workloads and project demands without the constraints of permanent hires. Tailor your team size to match the current requirements of your business.

  2. Cost-Effective: Save on long-term employment costs by bringing in specialised talent for specific durations. Temporary recruitment allows you to allocate resources strategically and maximize your budget.

  3. Quick Turnaround: Our extensive talent pool enables us to find the right candidates swiftly. Shorten your time-to-hire and ensure your projects stay on track with the right individuals contributing from day one.

  4. Diverse Expertise: Inject fresh perspectives and diverse skill sets into your team. Temporary recruitment allows you to access a broad range of professionals with specialised knowledge for specific projects.

  5. Reduced Risk: Mitigate the risks associated with permanent hires. Evaluate potential long-term fits by bringing in temporary staff to assess their compatibility with your team and organizational culture.

"Whether you need temporary staff for short projects, special projects, or to cover unexpected absences, our Temporary Recruitment services are designed to integrate skilled professionals into your team, ensuring productivity and success. Let us help you navigate the evolving demands of your business with agility and expertise."

Talent Recruitment Consultant - CLS Construction Labour Solutions (UK) Infrastructure LTD

Permanent recruitment

We understand the profound impact that the right individual, occupying a fitting role, armed with processes and the potential for genuine success, can exert on your enterprise.

In unity, we'll harness the full spectrum of our permanent recruitment solutions to ensure you possess the necessary personnel to realize your strategic ambitions.

"Whether you're in search of a solitary field expert, aiming to integrate a preferred supplier into your team, or embarking on a project to assemble a complete workforce, we are prepared to accompany you through each leg of your journey.

Operating as an inherent extension of your institution, we will fuse state-of-the-art technology, time-tested best practices, and a treasury of knowledge to guarantee that you have the ideal individuals in place to actualize your strategic aspirations."

Senior Recruitment Consultant - CLS Construction Labour Solutions (UK) Infrastructure LTD

Wall of ideas


CLS Construction Labour Solutions (UK) Infrastructure LTD, we're more than just a recruitment agency – we're a collective of specialised businesses, each dedicated to niche recruitment solutions for the construction sector.

"In the construction sector, we leverage our extensive experience and expertise to meet the critical need for highly skilled personnel, ensuring your projects run smoothly and efficiently. While the construction industry excels in various areas, we recognize ongoing opportunities to enhance performance and service quality.


At CLS Construction Labour Solutions (UK) Infrastructure LTD, we're committed to partnering with our clients to drive progress in construction recruitment.


Our team undergoes rigorous training to meet industry standards and consistently demonstrates professionalism and expertise. Through close collaboration with our clients, we aspire to make a positive impact in the construction sector."


Managing Director CLS Construction Labour Solutions ( UK) Infrastructure LTD


Providing Everything You Need

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